Visiting the Village of Langley

Visiting the Village of Langley

When you walk around Langley Village it feels like Martha’s Vineyard felt so long ago. The park, beach, and marina are lovely places to visit and watch for whales, let children run and play, or just sit and dream of living here! The floating docks at South Whidbey Harbor are open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The pier is always open for spectacular views of the Saratoga Passage.
At Langley’s floating docks are open to the public and a nice destination for recreational boats the calm waters of the Saratoga passage make it a perfect place to launch a boat, your kayak or paddle board. You can request overnight reservations via the Port of South Whidbey

Whidbey Island kayaking offers scenic guided kayak tours and rentals from the harbor. Remember that part of being on an island is being on the water. There is nothing better than the feeling of paddling along the coast line and breathing in the fresh sea air.

For the four-legged lovers out there, Langley is dog friendly and if you are strolling around town with your pet pal, keep your dog firmly on a leash or it may run off after one of the famous Langley bunnies that live in town.

Stop and visit some of our famous sculptures around Langley including Boy and Dog that overlook Saratoga passage and “Hope” The Wishing Whale by Georgia Gerber. bell at the entrance to the beach park. Stroll on down to the beach and put your toes in the sand or maybe take a dip in the sound or watch for grey whales feeding on the shrimp beds. Don’t forget to ring the whale bell if you spot whales.
One of our favorite spots in town is the Clyde Theater, it is one of the most iconic buildings in Langley. Very old fashioned, it shows only one film at a time, but it is not as much about the movie as it is about the venue. Everyone knows everyone, the tweens, and teens all run down to the front of the theater so they can giggle and share secrets. The popcorn and drinks are so affordable, you almost feel guilty paying so little. The community loves Clyde!
All too often or not often enough we take a walk around Langley and stop by the Flying Bear Farm and Design to smell the old-fashioned fragrant flowers and buy one of the amazing arrangements to brighten up our home any time of the year. They will also make your wedding or special event dreams come true with their cutting-edge style and creativity. Just walk in the door and you will be treated to the fragrance that you remembered when roses smelled like roses and flowers had natural perfumes.

It will be a difficult choice for lunch today with so many great restaurants to choose from, Prima Bistro has French-style cuisine and great views from their patio. Visit Saltwater Fish House and Oyster Bar and try the famous lobster roll or some fresh oysters. Savory Restaurant has delicious eclectic comfort food and wonderful views. Try Ultra house for the ultimate ramon bow. Stop by Spyhop Public House for a burger and brew. The Braeburn restaurant's fried chicken and waffles are to die for! Mommafish for bespoke sushi bowls, boxes, and hand rolls to go. Village Pizzeria has a great outdoor area and some of the best views in Langley. Across the street from our Windermere office where Team Langley resides is Langley Kitchen where you will find us ordering one to many coffees and pastries and sneaking behind you to pick up our to go sandwiches. It is going to be a tough decision, maybe we will just go over to Ott and Hunter Winery and sample some of their fine local wine and decide where to eat after we wine taste.

Langley is known for its specialty shops and art galleries. Museo is a contemporary art gallery showing regional artists and jewelry. Whidbey Art Gallery is a coop of local artists who you will often meet on representing their own work at the gallery. Callahan's is a hot shop that used to be Langley's original firehouse and is now a glass studio where you can blow your piece of art. They have some of the coolest glassware on the island. The Rob Schouten Gallery and Sculpture Garden showcases the work of Whidbey Island's finest professional artists including Georgia Gerber, Anna Mastronardi Novak, and Susan Lytle. Wander the beautiful gardens and experience why we love Langley. Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood, masterful potters and owners of cook on clay have a showroom and studio in Langley. Look for the orange doors as you enter the gateway into Langley. Their work is especially inspiring for the chef in all of us.

Shop at our local Star Store for organic groceries, the best wine shop, deli, and fashionably fun mercantile. Moonraker Books is the little bookshop around the corner and has been in business for 50 years owned and run by Josh Hauser. Artisan Crafted Home Furnishings and Decor are where you find unique and special items for your home made from all-natural and sustainable materials. Stop into Edit Whidbey and meet Holly and David Price who have thoughtfully crafted and curated a boutique with independent makers, in addition, you will find David Price’s gallery and studio. Alma is where you will find the mother-daughter team, Kelly and Diane working together to sell sustainable ethically made clothing and essentials. A great boutique to shop for babies and children as well.

The truth is we could go on and on but then there would be nothing left for you to discover.

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